Alternatives For Children Video Gallery

I'm a Little Seed sung by Miss Meghan & Intern Sam
A children's nursery rhyme
Adapted by Carole Stephens

Little Caterpillar
Music & Lyrics by Anne O'Rourke

Red Light, Green Light sung by Miss Sam
Music & Lyrics by Stephanie Leavell


I Can Calm My Body sung by Miss Anne
"Big breath/I can calm my body" written by Anne O'Rourke
"My feet on the floor; my hands [on my knees]" written by Lee Morris

All Are Welcome
Book & Lyrics by Alexandra Penfold
Melody by Stephanie Leavell
Arrangement by the AFC Music Therapy Team

Time to Change
Written & Sung by Miss Anne

People in Your Neighborhood Sesame Street

Sung by Miss Anne and Miss Sam

Song by Stephanie Leavell

Sung by Miss Meghan & Miss Sam

Five Gingerbread Men

Sung by Miss Anne

Songs for Winter

by Miss Meghan & Miss Anne

The Five Senses Spring Sounds Sung by Miss Anne & Miss Sam All of This is Me by Beth Schwartz Beautiful Spring adapted by Lee Morris

Remarkably You - sung by our music therapists Miss Anne, Miss Sam M and Miss Sam S

All the Autumn Leaves

Join Miss Anne as she uses a familiar tune, Little Snowflake, to sing about the changing leaves that fall from the trees and land on our heads, nose, toes, and in our hands.

Little Snowflake

Join Miss Anne as she sings Little Snowflake.

Snuggle Puppy

Join Miss Sam as she sings Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton.





Maria Hansen talking Alternatives for Children

Alternatives For Children Southampton sings Born This Way Alternatives For Children Southampton sings Born This Way
The Finer Things in a Child's Everyday Life Alternatives For Children Southampton
Sings "Born This Way"
Making Music as Therapy

miss lee

Sing Along with Miss Lee




Sing Along with Miss Suzanne


Now It's Winter




Bugs, Birds, Bees, Bunnies & Butterflies