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Parent Testimonials

Here is what parents have to say about Alternatives For Children . . .

I am highly impressed with the class. My son has grown in leaps and bounds in just one month! Thank you.

I can’t say enough fabulous things about this school. My son started at 3 ½ years old and has made so much improvement that I can’t thank the team enough. Everyone at the school has been incredibly helpful that it has been an amazing process from beginning to end. My son graduates this year and I am going to miss everyone so much. Thank you again for all your help.

Cannot say enough good things about this school! We are all very happy!

I couldn’t say enough good things about my child’s teachers. They treat my son like one of their own. Also, they keep me in the loop about everything. My son’s therapists are all great as well. Couldn’t be happier!

My daughter has made a big turn into a positive one. I am very satisfied.

I am extremely pleased with the progress my son has made since attending Alternatives For Children. The staff is remarkable.

I recommend Alternatives For Children whenever I can!

Our son has had such a positive experience at Alternatives For Children! Everyone is so kind, professional, and helpful. The teachers here have helped my son so much – he loves school! Thank you.

AMAZING since day 1. Thank you.

We are more than pleased with absolutely every aspect of our child’s experience at Alternatives For Children. Every staff member we have encountered is polite, professional and seems genuinely interested in his welfare. He has made amazing progress in a short time.

The experience at Alternatives has been amazing! We love it here!

Amazing improvement of my child since starting this program.

We love the teachers and staff at Alternatives For Children.

I’m very pleased with how well my son has improved.

The school has been very supportive and helpful in fulfilling my child’s special needs. I am very hopeful with the outcome so far.

Extremely happy with alternatives For Children. Thank you for all you have done to assist in my son’s development over the past year.

I am very pleased with my son’s team and his teacher. His teacher always communicates with me and has an approachable personality.

I could not ask for a more wonderful, supportive team. I appreciate every one of you!

At Alternatives For Children the teachers, therapists and program staff are great. My son has had an overall great, wonderful experience with everyone. That makes me as a mother for a child with special needs feel comfortable and at ease. I see my son more open and friendly, and willing to learn and want more. Thank you AFC!

We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity for our child to attend Alternatives For Children. In the short time he’s been going we’ve already noted some progress and it continue from month to month, almost week to week! Your skill, caring, and patience – all of you – has my total admiration and gratitude.

Wonderful Staff! Amazing School! The school has done wonders for my son.

I am soooo sooo happy we signed our daughter into this school. Everyone is amazing. They make us feel so comfortable leaving our child there. Thank you for all everyone does.

I’m very happy and I can’t thank you enough for all the help and all the patience that all of you have with my son.

Really Excellent! Thank you for the help.

Thank you! Amazing Work!!

This has been a wonderful experience for my son. He had a great experience and has the most amazing teacher.

My overall experience of this school land services is beyond excellence. The teachers and therapists are beyond wonderful. I am glad I chose this school. My child has learned and excelled in speech a lot. Thank you.

Excellent Teachers!!

We are very happy with the program. You have a great staff who loves what they do, and it shows based on the work they have done with our son. Thank you all for everything.

We love Alternatives For Children. My daughter has made more progress this year than we ever dreamed of.
I am very grateful.

Very pleased with all the teachers and services my son gets. He has come a long way and we owe it to the staff at Alternatives For Children.

What a wonderful place. Our child loves going to school, smiles all day, and returns home with a treasure trove of news and stories. Thank you.

Thanks to all the staff at Alternatives For Children for helping my daughter, especially with her IEP program. Lots of progress and improvement. She has come a long way. I am very grateful. She has learned a lot.

We are absolutely thrilled again this year with my son’s team. His teacher is a dream teacher. His Speech teacher has been a huge factor in his speech development. His IEP Coordinator is very aware of and accommodating to his individual needs. His integrated teacher and teacher assistant are super and caring. The women from daycare are also excellent. Thank you!

We appreciate all the efforts the teachers, therapists, and staff put in to make a difference in our children. What I see every day in my son is a miracle involving small steps. I know he is in the right place where he can get all the help he needs. Thanks again for all you do for our children.

We have been there 3 years; special education and integrated. We have had a wonderful experience in all classrooms. Thank you to all who have contributed to our child’s growth and development.

They do a great job at AFC!

Everyone has been wonderful and taking the time to help my child with all of her goals. I am very happy with her school. Thank you so much to her teacher and her therapists.

I’m very satisfied with the services my son is receiving. He has had a huge improvement over before he started at Alternatives For Children. Thank you!

Everyone that has been working with my son has been nothing but amazing! He continues to show improvement each week. I couldn’t be happier with all of his teachers and staff. Thank you so much.

We have loved all of the support and care while attending Alternatives. We could not be happier.

Thank you so much for helping my child grow!

We have been very happy with the services provided this past year. Thank you for giving our child the care and attention he needs.

Alternatives is a wonderful school!! My children have grown in all areas!

This has been an amazing year for our son – We can’t thank his teacher enough and his IEP Coordinator for always placing him in his best interest.

We are very pleased and grateful to Alternatives for doing an amazing job helping my son and me. Thank you so very much.

Our only regret is that our son can’t stay at AFC for Kindergarten! Thank you for all you do!

All of my child’s teachers are amazing in helping my child learn and develop in the classroom and they help me by including me by writing daily notes in his agenda book. One teacher who writes me so descriptively is Speech. I feel like I attended his session. I love feeling a part of his daily activities. We love Alternatives.

Absolutely love my son’s teacher and classroom aides this year.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

I could not be more pleased with the teachers, therapists, and staff at Alternatives Southampton. My child has made great progress this past year and she loves going to school!

We are very happy with our son’s progress.

My son is 100% better and he loves his teacher. I’m very happy for that. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for everything!!

I appreciate the constant communication. Thank you for supporting my son! You rock!

The team working with my child at AFC is extraordinary. I am satisfied with the progress and improvements my child has made and I am very blessed to have each one of them helping my son develop every day.

Love this School! ****

Teachers are very nurturing and create a very positive learning environment.

We are so pleased with our son’s progress since joining AFC last year. We are so lucky to have found this program and are pleased with every aspect of the academics and services provided.

My daughter has had a wonderful, stimulating, nurturing and very growing experience at Alternatives For Children. She has improved greatly in so many ways and now is de-classified.

My experiences with Alternatives For Children have been positive since my tour with the school. I couldn’t be happier knowing my child is around so many great teachers and staff.

We love the school!! It has helped my son progress very well. His teacher is wonderful. She goes above and beyond! She is the best!

Our son has been at Alternatives For Children in Dix Hills for only three weeks and we are already seeing positive results of his therapy and just the day to day school activities. Being able to place our son at Alternatives has been the best decision we’ve made.

The staff at Alternatives For Children are some of the kindest, most patient people I have encountered as a parent, and as a professional in the special education field. Thank you for all of your hard work! I know it’s not always easy, but your energy and spirit is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for all you have done for Nicholas this year and for our family for many, many years. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. The years all our children spent at Alternatives For Children will always be remembered.


Our son started the year having difficulty with reciprocal play, following directions, and sitting still. The staff at Alternatives For Children worked diligently with Benjamin and now he is excelling in all areas and no longer receives services.

You are the best teachers in the world! They always remember that I LOVE pink!
Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for having both our sons attend Alternatives For Children. Our boys started receiving services when they were 6 months old. We truly believe that their growth and development is a direct result of the dedication, compassion, and patience that the talented staff at Alternatives For Children demonstrates.
Charlotte says – Thank you for helping me learn about bugs and colors. Thank you for helping me read a book.
Shortly after Tyler started at Alternatives For Children, he told us he loved his new school and teachers, and that his old school scared him. It makes us so happy to know how happy he is here. And, we are so glad he is in the supportive environment he needs. We have seen many improvements and know he will continue to grow with all your help and support.
Thank you for helping Emily to learn and grow.
This has been a wonderful year for Thomas. He has come a long way and loves his teachers. We are so lucky and grateful for the staff at Alternatives For Children. Thank you for all that you do!
Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our son and all the children at Alternatives For Children.
It’s a great feeling to trust all of you with our children every day!
Thank you for all you that you do every day to inspire, motivate, protect, and care for our children.
This is how I describe Alternatives For Children – supportive, loving, caring, patient, motivating, inventive, helpful, fun, AND compassionate.
My son is having such a wonderful time at Alternatives For Children. We greatly appreciate the great job you and your team are performing.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your help. Kaitlyn is developing into the little girl that we knew she had the potential to become. Thank you for your patience, wisdom, and advice. P.S. - Can I call you when she is a teenager? Please?

Alternatives For Children has been great and the progress my son has made has been beyond my expectations.
My son has advanced in many skills so far at Alternatives For Children. We are so proud of the progress he has made. We are very thrilled in the work and attention our son receives. He loves going to school. The teachers are amazing!
I have found that the daily journal entries in my son's agenda book give instant feedback to both parties as things happen. My son's team provides individual comments about daily ups and downs. Sometimes a day's events are related to what happened at home the previous day - so making the connection is beneficial.
I'm so very happy that we chose Alternatives For Children for our son. Thank you!
We are so grateful to have chosen Alternatives For Children for our son. We have been nothing but thrilled every step of the way.
Alternatives For Children has made a huge difference in my child. She has improved more than I could imagine. The staff is amazing.
The Services provided by Alternatives For Children and the staff and team seamlessly work in collaboration to provide scaffolded and appropriate support to my daughter. She has made many strides and gains in the time she has been in the program.
I love the way the staff and teachers take their time with my son. He is trying so hard and I am very happy with Alternatives For Children.
Communication between teachers, therapists, nurse, etc., and myself is excellent. Anytime I have a question or concern it is always addressed as soon as possible.
My son has really blossomed at Alternatives For Children and everyone that works with my child is wonderful. He looks forward to going to school every day and is excited about going to kindergarten and making new friends. I think it will be an easy transition thanks to the wonderful staff at Alternatives!
My son’s starting at Alternatives For Children has been the best thing that has happened to our family. We are so pleased. We couldn’t ask for anything more!
I feel we had a very strong team this year. I felt they were all on the same page as to what was best for my son. I am extremely confident and feel Jacob will transition nicely into kindergarten and excel.
My child has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the team approach. I loved how the team met the specific needs of my child.
Collie has come a long way from when he started this program. I am very satisfied and grateful to have my son at Alternatives For Children.
This is the 3rd year that Sammy has been attending Alternatives For Children and I could not be happier and more grateful for all the progress he has made.
I am extremely happy with the progress Chace has made this year. He is lucky to have teachers and therapists like you to help him achieve his goals.
I feel Charlie has an amazing team supporting him in all areas of development. I always feel welcome to attend the class and discuss any issues I may have. Excellent, motivated, happy staff. Thank you.
No complaints! Extremely satisfied & grateful
I think Alternatives For Children is great and has done wonders for my daughter Sara. Highly recommended to any parent on Long Island.
Such a huge change from last year! My son looks forward to school instead of crying every morning.
I am so happy with Nicholas’ speech therapist. She was able to recognize his strengths and weaknesses and assess his eagerness during sessions. She appropriately worked with him on exercises that he needed for his IEP. She will forever be highly recommended by us. He loves working with her and will miss her.
I could not have picked a better school for my daughter. The help and support that we have received since day one has been overwhelming. Thank you for everything that you have done for our family.
My son Jayden has been attending Alternatives For Children for 2 years now. I am extremely confident in saying that my son has made 100% progress in all areas and it is solely attributed to the impeccable teaching and therapy received at Alternatives. I love every teacher and therapist he has had. My overall opinion is GREAT! So sad to leave.
We can’t emphasize enough how much Trent has benefited from his experience at Alternatives For Children – his growth has been significant and we owe it to the fantastic staff and their dedication and willingness to work closely with Trent to meet his goals. Thank you so much for all that you have done for him!
I am happy with the services/education offered at Alternatives For Children as I have seen a great improvement in my child’s progress in all areas. Would highly recommend this school!
The staff at Alternatives For Children Aquebogue have been very sensitive to my child’s need. Becky has been very helpful with “at home” ideas.
Our 3 year old son has thrived at Alternatives For Children Aquebogue due to the excellence of the program and the staff that they employ. Not only does our child receive the care and support that he needs to succeed, but our family does as well. The teachers and therapists have been there every step of the way to help answer question and concerns that we’ve had. We cannot thank them enough for all they’ve done and continue to do.
We love Alternatives For Children. This is the second time we’ve had a child go through the program and we couldn’t be happier.
I’m going to miss this program next year! I am pretty nervous about Kindergarten and that my child will not receive the same structure and kindness as he does at Alternatives For Children.